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Oliver+ Batlle offers all the equipment necessary for the manufacture of stucco paints.

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Dispermix VF 1 - Oliver+Batlle

Dispermix VF

Mixing-Dispersing units for portable vessels from 45 up to 4200 liters.[...]

Dispermix VF-E 1 - Oliver + Batlle

Dispermix VF-E

Swiveling Mixers - Dispersers  specially designed to be platform mounted [...]

Polimix DPS Oliver + Batlle - 1

Polimix DPS

One, two or three shaft mixer-disperser for medium/high viscosity products [...]

Polimix DPS-OR 1 - Oliver+Batlle

Polimix DPS-OR

Twin shaft coaxial mixer-disperser, with cylindrical (OR) shell to process concentrated products in a very short  time.[...]

Polimix DPS-ORC 1 - Oliver+Batlle

Polimix DPS-ORC

High performance twin shaft coaxial mixer - disperser with a fully conical vessel (ORC) that renders the equipment highly versatile for production[...] 

Dispermix VFD Dual - 1

Dispermix Dual VFD

Twin-shaft mixers-dispersers, for medium and high viscosity [...]

plan OB-130T


OB-130T gravimetric filling unit can process high viscosity products up to 500.000cP with significant loads of solids and can handle tapered, oval or rectangular containers.

PH press - 1 - Oliver + Batlle


PH, hydraulic presses, equipped with lifting and lowering platform located at [...]