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Technical sheet

Versatile automatic line for all types of can with diameters from 50 to 250 mm, with 130 -260 mm double pitch. Unit capable of higher filling rates.

For dosing products of low and medium viscosity  from 0.375 to 5 litres per stroke. The lid detection device and press-on lid closing unit are incorporated into the machine.

OBmatic Fill software available only upon request.
OBmatic Fill, control and maintenance software developed by our department, offers a series of cost-cutting benefits: 
  • quicker and straightforward production cycles management
  • easy maintenance (maintenance tasks can be performed in each station of the FLASH filling line)
  • diagnosis for troubleshooting 
  • remote assistance (incidents can be detected online and assessed, as well as software modification or upgrades) 
  • increase of the operability of the lines 
  • decrease of the learning curve
  • display of data and statistics
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