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Filling Equipment

Oliver+Batlle, develops equipment and custom built solutions in filling and palletising, for paint inks, adhesives and mastic industries.

Filling Installations

OLIVER+BATLLE, offers complete installations from empty containers handling to [...]

Customised solutions

customised solutions

Oliver + Batlle studies tailored filling solutions for each customer, basing on [...]

Gravimetric Filling

Semi-automatic  and automatic filling units , to fill from [...] 

Volumetric Filling

High accuracy volumetric filling units for medium and high outputs [...]

High Viscosity Products

Extreme viscosity products filling into containers and cartridges. Dosage by volume or [...] 

Palletising and Handling

Palletising and Handling solutions of containers in complement to [...]

Pumping and Filtering

Oliver+Batlle offers different solutions to product feed to its range of [...]