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Sales Department: with own organization of sales engineers that gives support to a worldwide network of agents and distributors.

Marketing Department:  Focused in the follow-up of market trends, products strategy, events and exhibitions organization and the external communication in general.

Machinery engineering Department:  Engineers and Designers, study, design and develop equipment as per customer needs, output capacity and automation level required.

Projects engineering Department:  Engineers and project managers study, design and develop and commission turn-key projects and plants. 

Electric and software Department:   Engineers develops electrical design works and programming equipment for any level of automation required.

Laboratory: For trials and demonstrations for agitation and grinding, to select the most suitable equipment for every need.

Customer service Department: Made up by highly qualified professionals responsible of key tasks: Technical assistance, spare parts supply, commissioning of machines and organizations and repairs worldwide.

Quality, Documentation, Regulation: Always keeping pace with these evolving technology affecting the industries we serve, and at the same time ensures the fulfillment of internal quality system ISO 9001

Production, purchasing and assembling department:  Production organization of the company is staffed from this department, as well as coordination between the own workshops and the materials that comes from outside.

Verification/Logistic: An important logistic, from the arrival to the delivery of materials, is overseen from this department.